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"This is one cool accessory for us truck owners. I bought the Tundra specifically to have a bed length of over 6 ft so I could easily transport my bikes. Now this is a DREAM come true to have such an easy method of securing my valued investment."

Richard W., BC, Canada

"Your cable locks are great as I can take my bike to the office and ride after work without going home first."

"The RecRac is the best way to haul your bike in a pickup PERIOD. I asked my local bike shop to carry them and help other truck owners who like to bike."
Thanks, Rick C.
"I just want to thank you for creating such a fine product. My bikes ride in the truck solid and I never have to worry about them."
Robert P.

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A-PUFTS   2 Bike Companion Package
B-PCRTS   2 Bike Companion Pkg-Toyota Rigid Arm
A-PUFS   2 Bike Economy Package
B-PCRS   2 Bike Economy Package - Channel Ready
4-FMPKG   4 Bike Family Package
NABS   Add-a-Bike Buddy System
B-CRST   Channel Ready Rack-Toyota
A-LAR   CR Long Rod Adaptor
UK723   Dual Angle Ski/Snowboard Rack by inno
FR-STA   Fold Rack Short Tail Assembly w/Rod
F-ADAP   Ford Adapter
INA940   Grab Max Ski/Snowboard Rack by Inno
UK709   High Type Ski/Snowboard Rack by inno
XGS-RRS   Holiday Grab Special - w/Rec Rac Straps
XGS-SIL   Holiday Grab Special - w/Silicon Straps
INB42-50   Inno Cross Bars 42-50 inch Lengths
INB54-58   Inno Cross Bars 54-58 inch lengths
PETSEx   Pet Restraint System - Extra Lead
PETS1   Pet Restraint System for One Dog - No clamps Included
PETS2   Pet Restraint System for Two Dogs - No clamps Included
PETS3   Pet Restraint System for Two Dogs - With Clamps
B-UFRS   Rec Rac Silicon Replacement Strap
NUFR   Rec-Rac Fold Rack
CNT-NUFR   Rec-Rac Fold Rack for Nissan Titan W/Channel
CT-NUFR   Rec-Rac Fold Rack for Toyota W/Channel
FMRR   Rec-Rac Fork Mount Rack - Toyota
CDR-NUFR   Rec-Rack Fold Rack for Dodge Rambox
MISC   Replacement Clamp
C-RS-2   Replacement Straps (set of two)
A-SAR   Standard 7 inch Adaptor
LC-1   Standard Cable Lock (5.3 ft)
TDS   Tie-Down Strapper
TDS-Pr   Tie-Down Strappers (Set of 2)
LC-4   TRIMAX Versa Cable Lock (9ft)
2-BKP   Two Bike Package
YTAB   Yakathool Adapter Brackets-1 set
YTCL   Yakathool Brackets w/Rec-Rac Clamps -2 sets

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