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"This is one cool accessory for us truck owners. I bought the Tundra specifically to have a bed length of over 6 ft so I could easily transport my bikes. Now this is a DREAM come true to have such an easy method of securing my valued investment."

Richard W., BC, Canada

"Your cable locks are great as I can take my bike to the office and ride after work without going home first."

"The RecRac is the best way to haul your bike in a pickup PERIOD. I asked my local bike shop to carry them and help other truck owners who like to bike."
Thanks, Rick C.
"I just want to thank you for creating such a fine product. My bikes ride in the truck solid and I never have to worry about them."
Robert P.

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Rec-Rac - Truck Bike Rack

Are you a passionate cyclist? Spend more time on your bike than anywhere else? Are you also a truck lover? Counting on your transportation to carry you to places most cyclists don’t dare go? Then you need a truck bike rack that’s specifically designed to protect your bicycle, while still maximizing your truck’s space, power, and speed.

Rec-Rac truck bed racks are designed specifically with your truck and your bike in mind. Here are just a few of the features our truck bed bike racks offer:

Keep both wheels attached: To maintain the quality of your bike as long as possible, Rac-Rac allows you to transport your bike without removing the front wheel. By utilizing the length of your truck bed, our racks permit you to store your bicycle lengthwise, keeping both wheels attached to the frame.

Don’t drill holes: Rec Rac uses a patented clamp system to attach your bike rack to your truck bed. Not only does this avoid the need to drill holes, it also makes the bike rack completely customizable, so various sizes of bikes can be accommodated.

Security: Rec-Rac bike racks lock securely so you can keep your bike safe without having to carry a heavy or bulky bike lock.

Space saver: Rec –Rac truck bed bike racks are the only racks that fit snugly against the side of your truck bed and suspend your bike lengthwise. This allows you to maintain 90% of the storage space your truck bed naturally offers. Pack your bike and all you gear without having to drag a cumbersome trailer.

Truck Bed Bike RacksPickup Truck Bike Racks: Find the right truck bed bike rack for you! Choose from our Standard Rec-Rac Fold Rack for Open Rail Trucks or choose a Rec-Rac Fold Rack for Nissan, Toyota, or Dodge Rambox channel tracks.

Bike Rack Package DealsBike Rack Package Deals: Save BIG on these deals when you purchase accessories with your Rec-Rac System to carry more than one bike.

Rec-Rac Truck AccessoriesRec-Rac Truck Accessories: Choose from a variety of truck and bike accessories to complement your Rec-Rac System!

Replacement Parts:Whether its a new pair of straps, replacement rods, or new base clamps to accomodate your new truck, here's the place to start!