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"This is one cool accessory for us truck owners. I bought the Tundra specifically to have a bed length of over 6 ft so I could easily transport my bikes. Now this is a DREAM come true to have such an easy method of securing my valued investment."

Richard W., BC, Canada

"Your cable locks are great as I can take my bike to the office and ride after work without going home first."

"The RecRac is the best way to haul your bike in a pickup PERIOD. I asked my local bike shop to carry them and help other truck owners who like to bike."
Thanks, Rick C.
"I just want to thank you for creating such a fine product. My bikes ride in the truck solid and I never have to worry about them."
Robert P.

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Welcome to Rec-Rac
The Best Truck Bed Bike Rack Solution!

What Makes Us Unique?
  • No removing the front wheel

  • No drilling holes into your truck

  • Secure locking ability

  • Big space saver for other gear

  • Folds down when not in use

  • Gentle on Bike & Bed Finish

  • No worrying about bike stability during transport

Our patented bike rack system for pickup trucks allows cyclists to transport up to 4 bikes at a time, while still maintaining storage space in the truck bed. It's the best truck bed bike rack on the market today designed to align your bicycle with the side of your truck and position your bike's wheels in front of and behind the wheel well, enabling you to keep your bicycle secure and your truck bed open.

Rec-Rac is also completely customizable, accommodating up to 4 bikes at once. After securing your first bike, adding additional bikes to your truck rack is easy. Align the second bike with the first and lock a clamp between the two. The second bike becomes completely secure only inches away from the first.

Forget taking the front wheel off for good! This bike rack for pickup trucks allows you to keep both your bike's wheels attached by utilizing the length of your truck's bed. There are no bulky or heavy pavement style racks to load; no complicated cross bed racks to fit into place; no need to hitch a fork to an unruly metal locking device. Just LOAD, LOCK and GO! Rec-Rac is truly one of the easiest truck bed bike racks to install and use.

Rec-Rac Bike Racks fit approximately 90% of trucks on the market today and are truly designed with cyclists and truck owners in mind. Keep your bike in excellent condition and get the most out of your truck. Trust Rec-Rac to keep your bike safe and your truck open and get the most out of your next cycling adventure.

Rec-Rac System offers tremendous improvement over all existing bike racks used with pickups.

Just LOAD your bike, LOCK it into place, and you are ready to GO!

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Rec-Rac Fold Rack (2 clamps) with Add-a-Bike Separators and TRIMAX Cable Lock in one convenient package. Rec-Rac Fold Rack with Add-a-Bike Separators package
2 Bike Companion Package
Our Price: $138.00
2 Bike Economy Package
Our Price: $115.00
Combines the Rec-Rac Fold Rack with the TRIMAX 9 ft Cable Lock and Add-a-Bike separators for maximum security and stability of bikes. This cost savings package provides the means to mount 2 bikes side-by-side using only one of the Rec-Rac Fold Rack sets.