"This is one cool accessory for us truck owners. I bought the Tundra specifically to have a bed length of over 6 ft so I could easily transport my bikes. Now this is a DREAM come true to have such an easy method of securing my valued investment."
Richard W., BC, Canada

"Your cable locks are great as I can take my bike to the office and ride after work without going home first."

"The RecRac is the best way to haul your bike in a pickup PERIOD. I asked my local bike shop to carry them and help other truck owners who like to bike."
Thanks, Rick C.
"I just want to thank you for creating such a fine product. My bikes ride in the truck solid and I never have to worry about them."
Robert P.

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Rec-Rac Clamp Racks

Rec-Rac offers clamp-racks which enable pickup truck owners to mount and carry their bikes in the bed of a pickup. The Rec-Rac Bike Racks fit approximately 90% of trucks on the road today.

Most American trucks are examples of open rail-type beds which are compatible with the Rec-Rac Fold Rack. For owners of the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra equipped with the Deck Rail System (channel tracks) try Rec-Rac's Channel Ready Rack - Toyota.

Our product specifically will not work with the following vehicle models:

  • Any truck with an over-the-rail continuous bed liner (no exposed rail lip for Rec-Rac clamps).
  • Chevy Avalanche, Honda Ridgeline and Ford Sportrac with factory composite bed-sides.
  • Flare style and Style side with outboard wheel humps and closed-in bed rails.
  • Ford "Ranger Edge" with decorative plastic rail caps.
  • Inside bedrails taller than 2 inches like Ford FX4 Flareside with tie down cleats.
  • Call on Nissan Frontier with Utilitrac channels.

Note: Many 5 ft short beds with large wheel humps are less stable and require the tail gate in the down position.

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Rec-Rac Fold Rack for pickups
Rec-Rac Fold Rack
Our Price: $89.00

New product that includes some 40 improvements over earlier systems offered by Rec-Rac. Product includes 2 clamps to secure one bicycle.
The Rec-Rac Channel Ready Rack for Toyota accommodates late model Toyota Tacoma and Tundra models.
Channel Ready Rack-Toyota
Channel Ready Rack - Toyota $69.00

The Channel Ready Toyota is a more economical fixed rod system with the extrusion bolting right into the new Deck-Rail channels.  The newly designed rod & yoke adjusts in and out and rotates 360 degrees to fasten at 2 places including, front fork, wheel set, or bike frame to give you solid security carrying your favorite bike.  For 4-door short bed trucks, you may have to leave the tailgate down as your front wheel is still mounted. 
Greatest Versatility and ease of use!
Two Bike Package
Our Price: $175.00

Combines two RecRac Fold Racks to securely carry two bikes.
Rec-Rac Fold Rack (2 clamps) with Add-a-Bike Separators and TRIMAX Cable Lock in one convenient package.
2 Bike Companion Package
Our Price: $138.00

Combines the Rec-Rac Fold Rack with the TRIMAX 9 ft Cable Lock and Add-a-Bike separators for maximum security and stability of bikes.
Rec-Rac Fold Rack with Add-a-Bike Separators package
2 Bike Economy Package
Our Price: $115.00

This cost savings package provides the means to mount 2 bikes side-by-side using only one of the Rec-Rac Fold Rack sets.

Rec-Rac offers a unique clamp rack system to enable pickup truck owners to mount and carry bikes in the bed of their pickup!